Kids' Classes
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Kids' Classes

fka kidspar1Our Character Based Karate program will teach your child how to maximize their physical, mental and emotional potential while they are having fun and enjoying the positive environment our school is famous for.

We have been teaching families and kids like yours for over 48 years. We can boost your child's level of confidence, focus and respect. so much so, they will become unstoppable! How do we know? Because we have seen the children transform from the time they begin our program! Letters and comments from school teachers, parents and other community leaders demonstrate quite clearly that we are doing something very special with the potential of each of our students.

While a small percentage of kids seem to have potential oozing out of thier pores, 95% of children have it just below the suface of their awareness, sitting idle until something helps bring it to the surface. Many times it is the positive influence of a positive role model outside of their immediate family that is able to most effectively bring that potential to the surface.


Our instructors weave physical and mental exercises in fun and creative ways to promote a solid lifestyle of:

Healthy Respect for Others
Our style of Karate teaches that classes begin and end with respect. Your children will understand the habits needed to be a respectful person in their classes, at home and at school. Your child will learn true respect starts with self-respect.

Improved Focus
Your child will develop powerful listening habits. Once they've learned what's needed, they will have the skill to "zero in" on a given task, unaffected by distraction. Our peogram teaches kids how to focus without them knowing. They are having fun in class but at the same time the drills and katas demand a high level of concentration. Parents watch and listen in our open viewing area as their kids focus is literally improving right before their eyes.
Self-confidence and the Courage to do what is right
Your child will have the ability to open any door life has to offer... all without fear! They will become a leader, not a follower. This helps them succeed in making and keeping friends, developing the right kind of peer group excel in academics, sports and the arts. The opportunities and happiness this brings your kids is endless.

Physical Mastery
Our classes are stuctured to allow steady continual improvement in a child's core strength, flexibility,endurance and from this practice kids develop crucial agility, core strength, balance and overall coordination. Academy training will teach your children to protect themselves, by avoiding potentially dangerous situations before most even recognize something is wrong, They will also be well-equipped and prepared if they find themselves in a situation where physical skills are neccessary to keep themselves safe. We believe it is better to have the full range of skills and not need them than to need a specific skill and not have it.

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Kids' Classes

Everything kids need to know about self-defense, fitness, and confidence.

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